Fakarouni Coreografía 1


FAKAROUNI THEY REMINDED ME Compositor: Mohamed Abdel Wahab Notas sobre la producción musical usada en la clase:
  • Versión instrumental interpretada por: violin, acordeón, Kanún, chelo y  percusiones: Doff, dohola, req, tabla. Nesma Music production
  • Las secciones en esta versión de la canción original son:
    • Mukadema: Introducción instrumental
    • Mazhab: Primera parte cantada
  • La parte cantada es interpretada por el Kanún
  • Podéis descargar esta versión producida por Nesma Music en la sección de extras de la academia.
FAKAROUNI English translation They told me again about you... they reminded me They awoke the fire of love in my heart and in my eyes The past returned to me with its sweetness, its richness, it's sweetness, its torture, its offense And I remembered I was so happy with you And I also remembered, my soul, why we are far from each other After I believed that I could forget... after my heart could forget you and grieve So much as a whisper and they changed me... why were they reminding me? _____________ END OF MAZHAB__________ After I was returned to your farness was forced upon me After I forgot the hope and wishes, and desires Two words came... and my patience left me They awoke in my eye nostalgia for your smile They awoke my ears wanting to heart you say just one word And my heart began melting me... melting me with its sighs And the night began... began lasting longer than its hours And I stay awake listening to the pulse of my heart calling me My soul is in you no matter what happens... my soul is in you What does the world equal when you are not with me... It remains the world only with you That which passed with you, my soul, I return to And that which I lived with you I am reliving They told me again about you After all my depravation from you They injured the injury that was close to remaining a memory They kept me awake living for tomorrow... I live for tomorrow and the day after I live for tomorrow and the day after Oh my life I am confused, on fire and jealous And my desire for you... I run flee from my self torment, my soul relaxes in your hands And the animosity, and you and the nights of history of every country... countries that don't matter to your heart And that which is inside the heart was in his heart We went and changed... except for him It is the same love and more It is the same love and more It is the same love and more Oh my darling Oh my darling My life is impossible far from you Oh my darling Life is is only a few days Why have we lost our years to abandonment and animosity While we are able to create a beautiful world Why, why, why Why have we lost our years to abandonment and animosity While we are able to create a beautiful world With the loving and the heart Our live is renewed with affection and love replaces our sighs And that which is coming we will live more sweetly than that which passed The moon will be brighter from our joy And the stars will be more visible and beautiful to us And trees will be greener before the spring And that which passed we will forget, and we will forget all of the bad Let's make up time with days of travel The life wihtout our meeting is no life And we will not live, my soul, twice How do they remind me, You're he who I forgot Why are you closer to me? Oh my bliss... even when you are far from me or with me The days end And we finish are days... and your love is forever Forever, forever, it has no end, it has no end Your love has no end, it has no end

Después de más de 30 años de experiencia como bailarina profesional, profesora, productora y empresaria, ahora siento la necesidad de compartir todo el conocimiento que me ha dado la experiencia. La tecnología me permite llegar a muchísimas personas, mostrarles mi pasión y darles mi ayuda para que crezcan y desarrollen su carrera como bailarinas. Por eso fundé Nesma Academy, un lugar único donde aprender, descubrir y disfrutar del mundo de la danza.


Sesión en directo

  • Fecha: 17/11/20
  • Hora: 20:15
  • Zona horaria: Europa/Madrid

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